Required Debug Headers

Some devices have no built-in debug circuitry. Therefore, special -ICE/-ICD versions of these devices are required for debug tool operation.

Currently, available debug headers and their associated -ICE/-ICD devices are shown below, sorted by the supported device.

Table: Required Debug Headers by Device

Device Supported by
Debug Header
Pin Count PEP*
Part Number
-ICE/-ICD Device on
Debug Header
Vdd Max
PIC10F200/2/4/6 8/14 AC162059 PIC16F505-ICD 5.5 V
PIC10F220/2 8/14 AC162070 PIC16F506-ICD 5.5 V
PIC10F320/322 6/8 AC244045 PIC10F320-ICE 5.5 V
PIC10LF320/322 6/8 AC244045 PIC10F320-ICE 3.6V
PIC12F508/509 8/14 AC162059 PIC16F505-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F510 8/14 AC162070 PIC16F506-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F519 8/14 AC162096 PIC16F526-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F609/HV609 28 AC162083 PIC16F616-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F615/HV615 28 AC162083 PIC16F616-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F617 28 AC162083 PIC16F616-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F629 8 AC162050 PIC12F675-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F635 14 AC162057 PIC16F636-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F675 8 AC162050 PIC12F675-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F683 8 AC162058 PIC12F683-ICD 5.5 V
PIC12F1501(1) 8 AC244051 PIC16F1509-ICE 5.5 V
PIC12LF1501(1) 8 AC244052 PIC16LF1509-ICE 3.6V
PIC16F505 8/14 AC162059 PIC16F505-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F506 8/14 AC162070 PIC16F506-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F526 8/14 AC162096 PIC16F526-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F527 20 AC244061 PIC16F527-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F570 28 AC244062 PIC16F570-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F610/HV610 14/16 AC162083 PIC16F616-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F616/HV616 14/16 AC162083 PIC16F616-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F627A/628A 18 AC162053 PIC16F648A-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F630 14 AC162052 PIC16F676-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F631 20 AC162061 PIC16F690-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F636 14 AC162057 PIC16F636-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F639(3) 20 AC162066 PIC16F636-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F648A 18 AC162053 PIC16F648A-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F676 14 AC162052 PIC16F676-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F677 20 AC162061 PIC16F690-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F684 14 AC162055 PIC16F684-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F685/687 20 AC162061 PIC16F690-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F688 14 AC162056 PIC16F688-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F689/690 20 AC162061 PIC16F690-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F716 18 AC162054 PIC16F716-ICD 5.5 V
PIC16F785/HV785 20 AC162060 PIC16F785-ICD 5.5 V
AC244051 PIC16F1509-ICE 5.5 V
AC244052 PIC16LF1509-ICE 3.6V
20 AC244023 PIC18F14K50-ICE 5.5 V
20 AC244024 PIC18LF14K50-ICE 3.6V,
AC244028 PIC24F16KA102-ICE 3.6V
* PEP = Processor Extension Pak
Note 1: Header optional for other devices, but required for this device.
Note 2: Vddcore Max
Note 3: Dual die
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